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Directions Health Services




Phone: (Directions head office in the ACT)
02 6132 4800 Fax: 02 6132 4801
Email: [email protected]

Directions Health Services is a not for profit organisation established in 1973 which provides a range of services to individuals, families, carers and friends impacted by alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use in the ACT and NSW.
Client focused and evidence based programs are delivered in accordance with harm minimisation principles. We offer a range of health interventions designed to reduce or limit harms and improve personal and community health. Directions achieve this through the provision of information, awareness sessions, counselling, case management, specific psychological therapies, support groups, referral, harm reduction activities, primary health care, withdrawal and rehabilitation services.

Treatment & Support Service (ACT): Provides free community based counselling and case management services for individuals, their families, carers and friends affected by ATOD issues. Support and counselling is also provided to people who are waiting for admission or have recently completed a withdrawal or rehabilitation program and are looking for strategies to prevent relapse, set goals, and manage ongoing mental health issues. Family support and counselling is available for people experiencing issues associated with a family member’s or friend’s ATOD use. This may include information on how to support the person concerned, safety planning, de-escalation strategies, and self-care. A walk-in service is available for people who are in crisis or would like an urgent assessment or have more immediate needs. A range of self-help and therapeutic support groups are also available. Outreach is provided to headspace, community health, housing estates and Alexander Maconochie Centre.

Althea Wellness Centre (ACT): Provides multidisciplinary and person centred primary care for individuals and their families who experience issues with ATOD. Access to nursing, medical and psychological services are available. Screening and treatment for Hepatitis C and other blood borne viruses, vaccinations, sexual health services, treatment for acute and chronic illnesses, pre and post natal care, referral to the dental program and other medical specialities are provided. Psychological testing and a range of psychological therapies are also available.

Arcadia House (ACT): Offers non-medicated 1 – 2 week withdrawal program, selective 12 week day program and 12 week residential rehabilitation program, consisting of 8 weeks residential followed by 4 weeks day program. Arcadia House skills based programs are based on Therapeutic Community Principles.

Needle and Syringe Program (ACT): is a public health measure, consistent with ACT Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Strategy and the National Drug Strategy’s harm minimisation framework, to reduce the spread of infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C among people who inject drugs. The program provides a range of services that includes provision of a comprehensive range of clean injecting equipment, education on harm minimisation practices, health information, free nutritious food and nurse led health assessments. Free equipment is available from primary outlets located in Civic and Phillip and community health centres and can be purchased from participating pharmacies.

Pathways Programs (NSW): a range of ATOD programs have been established, or are in the process of being established in regional NSW, including in Goulburn, Murrumbidgee, Eurobodalla and Monaro regions. Services are primarily case management and early intervention services for people from a variety of population groups, including young people and adults impacted by methamphetamine use (delivered in partnership with Ted Noffs) in Murrumbidgee and Goulburn regions; pre and post support for people accessing residential and day rehabilitation, outreach services to headspace Griffith, and integrated services for young Aboriginal people seeking employment or education pursuits in the Murrumbidgee; and general ATOD case management services for individuals and families in the Eurobodalla and Monaro regions.

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Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services Inc


Phone:(07) 5591-6871
PO Box 3519 Australia Fair
Email: [email protected]
Web Address:

 “Providing effective recovery for individuals and families affected by co-occurring alcohol, other drug, and mental health problems “

Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services (Goldbridge) is a community based organisation, established in 1988 to provide best practice residential and non-residential drug, alcohol and mental health recovery services.

Goldbridge is located in Southport on the Gold Coast and provides seven programs:

•    Intake and Assessment
•    Residential Therapeutic Community
•    Adventure Therapy
•    Drug Court
•    Family Support Service
•    Transition to Community
•    After Care/Continuing Care support.

The residential program runs for a nominal period of six (6) months and has a capacity to assist 28 individuals.  People need to have completed detoxification prior to entering the program.  The target group is adults 21 to 65 years who are affected by co-occurring alcohol, other drug and mental health problems.  Residents have an option after completing the residential program to continue with Goldbridge in the Transition program, a semi-structured program in the community for a nominal period of six (6) months.

Goldbridge uses the Therapeutic Community (TC) approach towards treatment and recovery, and is the principle means for promoting personal change through self-help and mutual support.  Both residents and staff participate in the management and operation of the community through Group Therapy, Experiential Learning, Psych- Education Groups and Work Crews.  Goldbridge is a member of the Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association.

For more information visit:


Odyssey House McGrath Foundation

Phone: (02) 9820-9999
Fax: (02) 9820-1796
PO Box 459
Email: [email protected]

Odyssey House NSW aims to build safe and healthy communities by minimising the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs on the person’s health and by extension our society. We have a holistic treatment model that focuses on the person and helping them develop skills to cope with the underlying reasons they resorted to alcohol and other drug use. This often involves changing the habits of a lifetime and teaching self –awareness, responsibility, self-care to practical skills that have been missed due to addiction such as numeracy and literacy, life skills such as cooking and eating healthy food, budgeting and parenting. We provides a diverse range of services from The Withdrawal Unit, Parents and Children’s Program, MERIT (Magistrates Early Referrals Into Treatment program), residential rehabilitation, numeracy and literacy education and a range of community services in the Australian community.

Namatjira Haven Drug and Alcohol Healing Centre

Namatjira Haven

P.O. Box 14
Phone: 02 6628 1098
Fax:02 6628 0520
Email: [email protected]

Namatjira Haven acknowledges its funders:
OATSIH, Dept Health & Ageing, Aboriginal Hostels,
Department of Corrections, MERIT, NADA

WHOS (Rozelle campus)

WHOS Broughton Hall Campus

Phone:(02) 85-727-411
Fax:(02) 85-727-400
PO Box 1779
Email: [email protected]
Web Address:

WHOS® provides therapeutic programs on the Rozelle campus aimed at achieving recovery from alcohol and other drug dependence, incorporating harm reduction and co-existing mental health initiatives.
WHOS Gunyah, WHOS New Beginnings, WHOS OSTAR and WHOS RTOD are co-funded by NSW Ministry of Health and the Commonwealth Department of Health.

WHOS Broughton Hall Campus

Sunrise Way Therapeutic Community


Recovery Program – Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
The Sunrise Way three month recovery program has been designed to help people wishing to overcome their addiction to alcohol or drugs.
The program is based on Toowoomba’s forma S3 program, which involves taking a bio-psycho-social approach to recovery. Throughout the program, we provide a safe and secure environment to support residents to gain and maintain a new lifestyle, free from the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs. There is also a transitional day program as a follow up to the residential program.

Program Goals
There are two overall goals of the Sunrise Way recovery program. These are:
• To assist you to recover from your addiction.
• To help you develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to avoid relapse.
These goals are achieved by:
• Highly structured program full of activities including: group therapy, psychology sessions, GP consultation, counselling, access to 12 step programs and linkage to a wide variety of community support networks.
• Providing a safe environment in which the recovery process can occur.
• Minimising outside distraction.
• Maintaining a strict drug- and alcohol-free environment (with routine testing as required). Please also note that Sunrise Way is a nicotine-free facility.
• Promoting warmth, respect, consistency, and empathy among all residents and staff members.
• Assisting you with setting achievable and realistic personal goals.
• Addressing any knowledge deficits regarding the impacts of drugs and alcohol on health.
• Providing a highly-structured program, including chores, routines, activities, group discussions, and guest speakers.
• Providing access to qualified and professional help where required including AA, NA, and other community self-help groups in the program.

For more information or to contact Sunrise Way directly:
Email: [email protected]
Web site:



WHOS Hunter Valley

WHOS Hunter Valley

Phone:(02) 4991 7000
Fax:(02) 4991 7184
PO Box 628
Email: [email protected]
Web Address:

WHOS Hunter Valley® TC is a 4 – 6 months Residential Therapeutic Community (TC) for men and women set in the regional area of the Hunter Valley NSW. Its goal is to help individuals find freedom from alcohol and other drug dependence (AOD) and discover a better way of living.
WHOS Hunter Valley (Cessnock, NSW) is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and supported by NSW Ministry of Health (HNELHD).

WHOS Sunshine Coast

WHOS Sunshine Coast

Phone:(02) 4991 7000
Fax:(02) 4991 7184
PO Box 5311
Sunshine Coast MC QLD 4560
Email: [email protected]
Web Address:

WHOS Sunshine Coast® TC known as Najara is a 4 – 6 months residential Therapeutic Community (TC) for men and women set in the tranquil hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. Its goals to help individuals find freedom from alcohol and other drug dependence (AOD) and discover a better way of living.
WHOS Sunshine Coast is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and supported by Queensland Ministry of Health.

WHOS Sunshine Coast

Conference 2017

ATCA 2017 Conference

About the Conference

Each year the Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association (ATCA) hosts an international conference bringing together professionals working in Therapeutic Communities, researchers and clinicians in the Alcohol and Drug (AOD) field and affiliated areas. Therapeutic Communities (TCs) are an integral element of a comprehensive response to alcohol and other drug issues in our community, nationally and internationally. The ATCA Conference reflects this and has a broad appeal to those working in the field of addiction, mental health, justice and child protection. It tackles issues of significant importance around comorbidity, youth and the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Mãori and Pasifika peoples.

Organisations & Sponsors

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ATCA would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support, which has made the 31st Annual ATCA Conference possible

Silver Sponsor

The Henderson

ATCA Gala Dinner Sponsor

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Contact Name: Lynne Magor-Blatch
Company Name: Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association
Telephone: +61 422 904 040
Email: [email protected]

Cyrenian House

Cyrenian House

Phone: (08) 9328-9200
PO Box 149
Web Address:

Cyrenian House is a not-for-profit non-government organisation that has been operating within the alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector since 1981. As one of the leading AOD treatment services in WA, we have consistently demonstrated our capacity to deliver professional and effective treatment services.

We draw on a wide range of approaches including the Therapeutic Community Model, 12 Step recovery models, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Systems Theory, Psychodynamic Theory, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Social Learning Theory. A wide range of programs, both residential and non-residential, provide treatment options to suit individual needs.

The organisation has a strong record of excellence in service delivery and quality improvement, including direct experience in delivering culturally secure services to Aboriginal individuals and families impacted by substance use.

The Cyrenian House has two Therapeutic Communities located both north and south of Perth.

The Rick Hammersley Centre TC, is located approximately 30 mins north of Perth, on 32 acres of natural bushland and comprises two programs: The Mixed Gender Program caters for up to 50 adults with a balance of male and female residents.  Six priority beds are held for Aboriginal people seeking residential treatment. •    The Saranna Program offers treatment to mothers with young dependent children.  These families form an integral part of the TC living in self-contained cottages and engaging in a daily program of recovery which facilitates family re-unification and strengthening.

Serenity Lodge TC is located approximately 45 minutes from Perth and has been providing treatment services to the Western Australian community since 1977.Serenity Lodge TC offers a four-stage residential Therapeutic Community program to assist people affected by alcohol and other drug use problems. Serenity Lodge caters for male and female residents over the age of 18 years of age and has a bed capacity of 34.

Cyrenian House also operates a non-residential service and an integrated Community Drug Service which offer assessment and referral, adult, youth and family counselling, group programs, diversion programs, shared care, withdrawal services, clinical psychology, medical assessment and review, pharmacotherapy and community education.